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Rolling rather than sliding  —  thanks to Denipro

Denipro has redefined the principles of conveyor technology that held good in the past. Since 2008 the conveyor technology specialist has launched five new products on the market – all of them based on rolling not sliding. This reduces friction as well as wear and tear. Power consumption is cut, and productivity rises. At Denipro, innovation is an established tradition.  more infos
Since the company was founded in 1984, Denipro AG has been setting the standard in integrated production logistics. The company develops and produces components for conveyor technology and is the principal supplier to Ferag AG – making a major contribution to the latter’s pre-eminent position worldwide in plant engineering for the printing industry. Companies in the automotive, pharmaceuticals, food and drink and packaging industries, not to mention other industrial sectors, have discovered Denipro’s innovations. As a result they improve their flexibility, boost efficiency and save valuable resources.

The genius of an innovation is often based on simplicity. Denipro replaces sliding friction with rolling friction. The surface on which the belt moved in the past has been replaced by rollers. This lowers friction, resistance and the strain on the belt. Heat is no longer generated and the power needed for the drive is cut by as much as 80 percent. Less energy is needed for conveyance and transport and CO2 emissions are cut. Denipro’s recently developed product families – easychain®, and denimove® – thus optimise sliding conveyor technology. The deniway® plate chain conveyor, meanwhile, is the result of a long process of continuous development as well as deniway® select. Both open up undreamed-of possibilities in rolling conveyor technology. The new developped denisort offers e-commerce and industrial customers a unified system that proviedes a continuous flow of goods across multiple levels and processes.
The developers at Denipro work in partnership with the Technical University of Chemnitz in Germany. The company has around 80 specialist staff working at its head office in Weinfelden, Switzerland. High performance, professionalism and the highest standards of quality are things they take for granted. Denipro’s employees see work as a resource for shaping a way of life, and so do all they can to meet the wishes of their customers. This results in satisfaction all round, long-term business partnerships and success for both sides. With their solid technical foundations and their appealing simplicity, Denipro’s solutions can be expected to go on making a crucial contribution to the conveyor technology of the future.

Together with Ferag AG and WRH Marketing AG, which is responsible for both companies’ marketing operations, Denipro forms part of WRH Walter Reist Holding AG.
Denipro, Deniway Plattenkettenförderer, Deniway Plattenkettenfoerderer-Produkt-Titelbild, Deniway plate chain conveyor-product cover picture

deniway® plate chain conveyor  —  making complex tasks simple

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The beauty of simplicity: the deniway® plate chain conveyor is based on rollers and has a modular design. The three standard components – C-channel, plate chain and reverse sprocket – are generally sufficient to cover basic requirements. System engineers are amazed at how easy it is to plan and install complete and complex systems using deniway®. Differences of height, tricky corners or bulky mixed goods – the deniway® plate chain conveyor takes it all in its stride. It can reach a conveyor speed of 1.5 metres per second, and will take a load of 50 kilograms per metre. Productivity will rise, while energy consumption and CO2 emission levels are reduced.

Dual sorter denisort  —  tilting and sliding all in one

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Conveying, commissioning and sorting - all with a single system. The new denisort system kills two birds with one stone. The dual denisort technology functions as a tilt tray sorter and a slide tray sorter at the same time. In this way, Denipro can offer e-commerce and industrial customers a unified system that provides a continuous flow of goods across multiple levels and processes.
Denipro, Easychain, einfach flexibel in alle Richtungen, simply flexible in all directions

Conveyor system easychain®  —  simply flexible in all directions

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Rolling rather than sliding – that is the philosophy of Denipro AG. With the easychain® conveyor system, the Denipro innovation has now been raised to a new level. This time it is the castors which reduce energy requirements. They lower the friction and so keep wear and tear to a minimum. easychain® – the name is appropriate. With its notable simplicity, the flexible conveyor system is ideally suited for complex and multidimensional layouts. Modular and with plug-in connections, easychain® can be set up or modified in next to no time. The plastic material is certified to USA NSF-61 standards as being suitable for use with foodstuffs, and cleaning is a simple matter. But easychain® will be found equally useful in the pharmaceutical and automotive industries, as well as in other industrial sectors.

denimove® ultra-flat conveyor  —  so flat, so long and so powerful

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It comes quite flat, and just that is its strength: the denimove® ultra-flat conveyor has a very compact design, and so can make do with little height. The modular belt does not slide but is supported by rollers. As a result friction and energy consumption are both cut. Small drives are sufficient – even for heavy loads and long conveyor distances. This is Denipro giving further proof of its traditional innovative strength.
Denipro, Denirug Schwerlastabstützung, Denirug Schwerlastabstuetzung, Denirug Heavy-duty support

denirug® heavy-duty support system  —  rolls instead of slides

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Heavy loads are hard to shift. But every rule has an exception. In this case the exception’s denirug®. Heavy-duty support denirug® spreads the load on a roller rug. Therefore, energy consumption drops radically. What’s more, rolling friction is kinder to products, whereas sliding friction in modular- and standard-belt conveyors was hard on the products conveyed. And wear and tear is reduced too. In the heavy-duty sector, denirug® taps into new, leaner, previously undreamt-of processes.





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